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Polaris IP at it again - “Knowledge base backed email autoresponders are ours!”

Polaris IP, a patent-suit-for-money firm, has accused AOL, Amazon, Borders, Google, IAC, and Yahoo of violating a patent (that was licensed to Polaris IP). Yet another patent that falls under the “f’in obvious to anyone who’s not a tard’ category.

A method for automatically interpreting an electronic message, including the steps of (a) receiving the electronic message from a source; (b) interpreting the electronic message using a rule base and case base knowledge engine; and (c) classifying the electronic message as at least one of (i) being able to be responded to automatically; and (ii) requiring assistance from a human operator. The method for automatically interpreting an electronic message may also include the step of retrieving one or more predetermined responses corresponding to the interpretation of the electronic message from a repository for automatic delivery to the source.

Whatever. I hope that Google and IAC use their massive bank rolls to destroy them. That certainly wouldn’t be doing any evil.

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Merging Subversion Repositories

For a while now I’ve had a number of Subversion repositories that contain more or less related code. They should each, individually, contain less related code than they do, but I find that if I’ve only got a checkout of one of them on some random machine I’m fare more likely to check something into whatever repository I’ve already got checked out than I am to checkout the proper repository. If I later want to move it to the correct repository I lose (or at least scatter all over) any revision history.

Enough of that… for a while I’ve been meaning to merge the repositories together so that even if I don’t have the entire repository checked out and decide to check something in where it shouldn’t be I can later move it within the repository layout and keep the revision history in tact. I’ve figured this should be an easy task to accomplish and now that I’ve finally gotten around to doing it, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is indeed an easy task to accomplish. Here’s how:

  • shutdown svnserve / block access to the repos / don’t let anyone alter the repos while you’re doing this / whatever
  • from each repos’ parent directory dump each of the repos that you want to merge together into their own dump files using svnadmin dump repos-name > DumpFile-repos-name
  • use svndumptool to merge the repos using a command something like this: merge -i DumpFile-repos1 -r / /repos1 -i DumpFile-repos2 -r / /repos2 -i DumpFile-repos3 -r / /repos3 -o DumpMerged -d repos1 -d repos2 -d repos3
  • create a new repository somewhere using svnadmin create new-repos
  • load the merged repos into your new repos using svnadmin load DumpMerged
  • Sweet. I love it when things are as simple as they should be… it’s usually a sign of competent designers.

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    Apache SpamAssassin 3.2.3 released!

    We released Apache SpamAssassin 3.2.3 two weeks ago. So far there have been only a couple people who have indicated they’ve had problems with this release, so I’d say that the current stable branch is back to normal. Along with fixes for things broken in the last couple of releases, 3.2.3 also improves some rules to avoid false positives on ham sent from some Windows Vista mail clients, avoids FP’ing on static clients in the rule RDNS_DYNAMIC, and makes sure that code isn’t run for eval rules when their score is zeroed saving you CPU time.

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