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WNP starts today!

It’s about f*#cking time.

As announced back in December, wireless number portability (WNP) is to be available today in BC, AB, ON and QC. The rest of the country (and population wise, that’s probably less than a quarter of the country) will likely have to wait a while (probably until at least September 12, 2007 or for one provider to try to beat their competition to the punch) for port-in facilities since they are currently only being offered port-out facilities; “here’s your number, you can’t use it”.

I can’t wait to stick with my current provider while knowing that if I wanted to I could switch providers, go through the hassle of finding, and of course buying, a non-flip/slide/stupid GSM phone while getting to keep the number I’ve had for a long time. Really, it’s good news. No really, it is, I just don’t imagine there’s much to gain (for me) from a different providers’ rate plan. Technology isn’t an issue… I like CDMA. I like that my CDMA phone also has analog capabilities (which could stop working everywhere in a year or less anyway). In the event that I ever find myself in GSM only land, well, I hope it’s on vacation.

Anyway… I can’t wait to see all the people who switch between Bell Mobility and Telus or Rogers Wireless and Fido looking for better call quality from the same cellular network, rather than for rate plan/whatever else reasons.

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One ’s’ in ‘Daylight Saving Time’ folks

There’s only one thing that drives me nuts about daylight time; people (nearly everyone) who insist on calling it “Daylight Savings Time”. There are no savings folks, you can’t deposit sunlight into your bank account. At least you can’t at my bank, where you’re having a good day if you get to deal with someone who can successfully deposit real money into your account. Other than that, I love daylight time… I get to sleep longer without being bothered by the pesky sun.
It’s Daylight Saving Time. If you need practice, repeat the following sentence a few times before bothering me.

“I don’t want to pay Microsoft $4000 for the hotfix to make the Daylight Saving Time change on my Windows 2000 machines, can you help?”

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