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OK, who’d I piss off?

Someone must have known that I had a busy two weeks planned when some spammer decided to aim their zombie farm at my domain last Thursday and again Monday.  At first I thought everyone was getting more spam (attempts… none made it through my filters) , then I realized that it was almost entirely aimed at addresses.  Better yet, it was all aimed at addresses that don’t exist… specifically harvested message IDs.  Really, who’s the dumbass out there that’s been spamming the hell out of message IDs, harvested from posts I’ve made to mailing lists, for about 9 months now.  You’re wasting your time and resources and making it easier to catch the few spams you send to my legitimate addresses.

Anyway, Thursday’s mail volume was up over 4 times my average mail volume (which is high enough not to fluctuate too much) and Monday was well over 7 times the normal volume, right up until 6:55am EDT this morning when it all stopped.  A little odd, even if it was an IRC server getting shutdown.  It didn’t come to a quick slowdown, it literally just stopped.  Weird.

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Apache SpamAssassin 3.1.7 released!

We released SpamAssassin 3.1.7 today. It includes all the good bug fixes from 3.1.6 that we released on schedule (for the fourth time in a row) last Thursday, except the lint change to sa-update that I broke sa-update, for anyone who defines their own scores, with.

I’ve also added my Nagios plugin (”check_spamd”) for monitoring spamd to the contrib/ directory of the tarball in versions 3.1.6+. It’ll work with versions 3.1.1+ of SpamAssassin, but it’ll work best with 3.1.6+ as those versions deal with some quirks in IO::Socket::INET that can cause weird ping results.

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