John Ferguson; You Suck

September 19th, 2006

I went to the pre-season opener against Buffalo last night at the ACC. The Leafs pretty much sucked. I’m not a fan of Paul Maurice, or a fan of changing up a huge percentage of your players over one summer. If you’re going to make huge changes like that, you’d better do it right. Once again, it’s already starting to look like it’s not working out as well as Ferguson proclaimed it would. I know, it’s the first pre-season game, but the Leafs were really really bad. With very few shots on Buffalo’s goal during the second period, I even started to get bored. Getting shut out 4-0 isn’t good. Of course, I’d be crazy if I had thought that the Sabres weren’t going to kick the Leafs asses.

Anyway, if it continues like this, it’ll further enhance my disappointment in my two favourite Leafs organization members; Pat Quinn and Tie Domi. Quinn, in constant conflict with Ferguson, is an awesome coach when given the latitude to get things done. Tie Domi, is the most down to earth, kindest hockey player who has ever set foot in Toronto in my lifetime. If Quinn was still coach, Domi would have never been forced to either be traded or retire. Today he announced his retirement and his joining of some TSN program. Maybe it’s for the best of the Leafs, but in my opinion, if they’re going to lose, they might as well be entertaining, and entertaining Pat and Tie are. Heck, I’d rather they be entertaining than as boring as many of the American teams have become.

In any case, there’s no one more responsible for the current, and recent, success (or lack thereof) of the Leafs than John Ferguson. I can only hope that he’s the next to go.

BTW… I sat in section 314 right in front of the “Ice Box”. Probably the best seats you can get for $80 (or less).

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